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Lizabeth is a 14 year old girl. She is growing up in the depression, in an impoverished family and town. She is adventurous and wild, but at the same time, gentle and caring. She is at the stage, when a girl changes to a woman, and throughout this story, we see the change in her. 


Joey is Lizabeth's younger brother. He is also very wild and tries to act alot older than he really is. He also tries to be braver than he is and that tends to backfire, because he often has to lean on Lizabeth for help and support. 

Miss Lottie

Miss Lottie is an old woman who has gone slightly mad, because she has lost a lot in life. She lives with her son, John Burke, who is mentally challenged. He is the only thing that she has left, besides her beautiful marigold garden. 

John Burke

John Burke is Miss Lotties' mentally challenged son who sits on the porch with her all of the time. He helps her in her marigold garden, and helps her to maintain her sanity.