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Why did Lizabeth go to Miss Lottie's house and tear up her marigolds?

- Lizabeth went to Miss Lottie's house and tore up her flowers because she was sad and hurt at the same time. Her mother and father had very little money, and she felt betrayed by her family. She wanted to feel loved and there was no one there to love her or spend time with her besides her younger brother and she felt the burden of having to care for him as well as deal wih the stress in her own life. It was a complicated issue and she feels like there is no way to vent. It all boils over and she feels the need to let it all out, so she goes and kills the only truly beautiful thing in her life.  


What Do The Marigolds Symbolize?

The Marigolds symbolize hope because even though Miss Lottie lost everything she still plants the Marigolds because she doesn't have anything else to look forward to. Without those Marigolds she would probably be very depressed and not have anything good to take care of. Thats why I think the Marigolds symbolize hope.

How does Lizabeth relate to Miss Lottie?

Lizabeth relates to Miss Lottie in many ways. They both are stuck in poverty, with very little hope of leaning anytime soon. They both feel desperate for a little bit of beauty in their sad little community. They both want to help the members of their community in little ways, but are unsure of their ability to help out. Miss Lottie tries to help in the only way she knows how, and that is by planting marigolds, and Lizabeth doesn't yet know who to help. 

Why do you think at the end Lizabeth say "And I too have planted marigolds"?
Well first of all I think that Miss Lottie planted the marigolds to say that she was hoping that one day soon there would be water to make the ground wet and that poverty would come to an end. So I think that Lizabeth said that because she now too has hope that things will soon be ok. She didn't have hope before but she now has hope that I think Miss Lottie gave her.

Why do you think Lizabeth chose to plant marigolds?

Well I think it was because she realized that she had made a mistake and she wanted to make up for it. Also because she learned what they symbolized and why Miss Lottie kept them looking so nice. Maybe also in memmory of Miss Lottie even though it didnt really seem like they liked each other very much.