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Check your answers.

1. Who is the main character in this story?
a) Lizabeth              b)Julie
c) Margot                 d) Sally

2. How do they describe the setting?
a) pretty and warm     b) dusty and dry
c) humid and green grass  d) rainy all the time 

3. What is the one thing that brightens up the town?
a) white picket fences     b) all the big trees 
c) marigolds                    d) colored mailboxes
4. Whose marigolds are they?
a) Miss Jo's       b) Miss Luela
c) Miss Lottie's  d) Miss Top's

5. How did the story descirbe Miss Lottie's house?
a) like a ramshackle   b) gorgeous
c) peaceful               d) dirty

6. How is Miss Lottie described in the story?
a)dark reddish-brown skin     b) indian-like features
c) smooth skin                   d) all of the above
7. Who is Miss Lottie's son?
a) Matthew          b) Luke
c) Mark              d) John Burke
8. How were the kids beheading the marigolds?
a) throwing pebbles          b) picking the tops off
c) cutting them off           d) kicking them
9. Where does Lizabeth go in the middle of the night?
a) the grocery store         b) Miss Lottie's
c) the park                     d) the mall
10. What did Lizabeth do at Miss Lottie's?
a) plant new flowers         b) egg her house
c) stomped over the marigolds     d) clean her yard